Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Arthur W. Kidder Sr. 1894-1973
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1984
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          Art was an active and successful athlete and competitor in many sports, despite the fact that he lost a leg at age seven.  He began skiing at the age of 40, and was a competitor, ski patrolman and chief timer for countless ski races for over 20 years. 

          Art was an early dedicated member of the Denver Ski Patrol and he became a member of the National Ski Patrol in 1942.  He served on the National Committee of the National Ski Patrol System, and his detailed reports on ski accidents were so thorough that they were used as models of good reporting for all the NSPS.  In 1942-43, Art was Denver Section Chief and Assistant Chairman of the NSPS.  He conducted practice aircraft rescue exercises on Jones Pass for the Denver Ski Patrol during this season

          During World War II, Art was asked many times to write or visit young amputee victims and offer them encouragement.  He responded to every request, showing these young men that they could resume skiing, or even begin skiing, as well as participate in other sports.  Art offered his services on race committees as a timer both for national and intercollegiate championships for over 20 years.  He worked diligently over the years to improve the accuracy of timing ski races, and his methods were used for years.  He was made an Honorary Certified Timer in the Certified Officials Association in 1960. 

          Art was a gentleman, a great competitor, a dedicated ski-sport builder, and a source of inspiration to all who knew him.  Art passed his love of skiing on to his four children, all of whom became successful competitors.

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