Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Carl Howelsen 1877-1955
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1977
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           Born in Norway, Carl first jumped at the famed Holmenkollen in 1895.  By 1904 he had emerged as one of Norway's prime ski competitors, winning in that year the gold medal at the Holmenkollen and the Crown Prince Silver Cup.

          Like so many Europeans after the turn of the century, Howelsen immigrated to the United States.  In 1911, because of the lure of snow, he was in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, encouraging the local people to participate in winter carnival activities.  That winter the residents of Hot Sulphur Springs hosted their first annual winter carnival and Carl competed in that first ski jumping tournament held in Colorado.

          Two years later, he found the deep dry snow of the Yampa Valley to his liking.  In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, his enthusiasm for ski jumping was welcomed.  He taught the local people the art of skiing and ski jumping.  In 1914, Carl built the takeoff for the ski jump for Steamboat Springs' first annual winter carnival.  He jumped a distance of 108 feet, winning the competition.  Carl returned to Norway in 1922, yet his name is synonymous with ski jumping in Colorado.  The famed ski jump hill of Steamboat Springs is named in his honor - Howelsen Hill.

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