Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

K. Donald Lawrie 1900-2000
Inducted into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame 1988
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Don was a pioneer in ski-sports in the Pikes Peak region and promoted them for over thirty-five years. He developed three ski areas with volunteer help and very little money, and encouraged people to try the sport of skiing and to enter tournaments around the state.

He competed in jumping and cross-country events during the early 1930's and later participated in downhill and slalom competitions.

He held several offices in the Silver Spruce Ski Club, formed in 1929, and as President implemented a plan to incorporate the Club and reduce membership fees so that skiing would be available to more people. The Club, affiliated with the US Western Amateur Ski Association, held sanctioned meets at the Edlowe course above Woodland Park.

In 1936, with the new interest in downhill skiing and slalom, Don organized the Pikes Peak Ski Club and served ten years as its President. In 1936, he also conceived and installed the first mechanized tow in Colorado, a rope tow powered by an old Whippett automobile engine.

Don served as Vice President of the US Western Ski Association and was a National Ski Patrolman. During World War II, he arranged for the Glen Cove course to be opened for military personnel at Camp Carson.

In 1948, he located and built the Elk Park area on Pikes Peak, again with volunteer labor. He was influential in forming the non-profit Pikes Peak Ski Corporation to finance improvements to the areas and served on the Board of Directors until the mid-sixties when the area was sold.

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