Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Georgia Lodders 1927
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1994
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It has been said that Georgia has done more for the ski industry in the Rocky Mountain Region than any other individual during her tenure (1969-1990) with Colorado Ski Country USA, and she is still contributing by working for the Rocky Mountain Division of the United States Ski Association.

Montana native, Georgia first became hooked on skiing during a college ski trip, where she met her future husband, Denny. He pulled her out of a snow bank, and she fell in love with him and the sport. Denny, a former Tenth Mountain Division member, and Georgia ran Diamond Mountain ski area outside of Missoula, Montana for 2 years. In 1953, they moved to Denver and formed an advertising and public relations agency, which they operated for 15 years. They published the first US Ski Association monthly magazine "Skiview," and handled such clients as Steamboat and Ski Sunlight. They also raised 4 children.

While at Ski Country, Georgia was the "glue" that held the organization together" with her many projects while incorporating here sixth sense for doing the right thing. She was involved with the programs of risk management and operations, and ran numerous seminars on snow making, grooming, ticket sales, personnel issues, food service and race and special events. Georgia realized the value of these seminars when she began working with the Rocky Mountain Lift Association in the early 1970’s. She recognized the level of expertise and caring exhibited by this group and saw the need for the public to see all ski area personnel as professionals and not as "ski bums" which was a popular term for ski area personnel at that time.

Georgia worked with the research committees of Colorado Ski Country and coordinated and continued to enhance a comprehensive research library on skiing, including over 1,000 studies and surveys. She watched Colorado skier numbers grow from 440,000 in the early 60’s to over 11 million in the 90’s and is proud to have been a part of that growth.

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