Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Harald "Pop" Sorensen
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1980
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Harald is another ski-to-school boy, from Asker (Vollen), Norway. He got into competitive skiing at the age of 13 and won many medals throughout Scandinavia before immigrating to America in 1929.

His skiing prowess in the States led him to a distinctive military career, teaching skiing to US troops, then the British, then the allied forces in Italy, and finally through an advisory position at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, which he continued until the 70's.

In 1946 Harald began his famous jumping program for the DENVER POST at Winter Park. Free to kids' 4-18, the program led them through a series of hills, culminating in a 60-meter jump. His coaching of these Colorado youngsters recalled to many his influence on such jumping greats such as Torger Tokle, Art Devlin, Jay Rand and the Perry-Smiths.

Harald’s personal achievements in America include combined-and-champion "rider" for the Norsemen Ski Club in New England, the Halstead Memorial Award in Colorado, and induction into the National Ski Hall of Fame. The award probably most satisfying was the Russell Wilder Memorial, recognizing his Winter Park program as the year's outstanding activity "focusing the interests of America's youth on the sport of skiing".

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