Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1997
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Bavarian born Klaus Obermeyer started skiing on homemade runners, made from a wooden citrus crate at age three. He became an engineer in automobile and aircraft manufacturing but escaped Nazi Germany in 1947 and came to America. He arrived in Aspen, via Sun Valley and through various travels with movie mogul Warren Miller, where he initially taught skiing for $10 per day for Friedl Pfeifer.

He soon discovered his students were uncomfortable with the quality of their clothing, sun glasses and lack of sunscreen, and quickly developed ski products such as the down parka and a line of revolutionary ski clothing that has remained at the top of the market for the past 50 years. His passion for quality and public relations has resulted in a multi-million dollar company, still under his leadership at 77 years of age.

He was awarded the distinguished Halva International Skiing Award in 1996 for his outstanding contribution to skiing.

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