Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Laurence A. "Larry" Jump 1913-1989
 Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1982
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Colorado is fortunate that Larry stopped here. Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan he started skiing at age 11 and roamed the world at an early age; he skied in the Alps, and became a member of the French Army. This experience prepared him for commissioned service with the 87th Regiment, part of the 10th Mountain Division at Camp Hale, Colorado.

Larry later became a state-wide surveyor for potential ski areas and met Colorado Ski Hall of Famers, Max Dercum, Thor Groswold, Dick Durrance and Sandy Schauffer. They formed Arapahoe Ski Basin, Inc. While there he introduced the Wedeln technique, the famous Willy Schaeffler ski school, the first amputee program in the state, the Junior Courtesy Patrol, and many other innovative programs, such as Colorado Ski Country, USA, to improve skiing in Colorado and throughout the country.

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