Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Steve Bradley 1916-2002
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1979
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          One of seven skiing sons of a Wisconsin doctor, Steve's talents for ski sport leadership and innovation showed up at an early age.  While attending Dartmouth College, he became a four-way specialist ...slalom, downhill, jumping and langlauf...on that college's famous team of 1937-39.  World War II Army service was followed by attendance and ski coaching at Colorado University.

          1950 saw the beginning of Steve's distinctive service as Executive Director of the Winter Park Recreational Association.  During succeeding years, he brought Winter Park from a 4 rope-tow, 3 T-bar ski area to one consisting of 770 acres served by 13 chairlifts.  His design for Balcony House, the base lodge, was one of the first ski area structures to utilize solar heating; his contribution to the design of Snoasis, the midway restaurant, provided a model for the "scramble" system of food service.  He was instrumental in conceiving and designing the Mary Jane section of Winter Park.

          Steve's pioneering experiments with slope grooming led to the design of the famous Bradley Packer-Grader, a man-powered slope grooming device which ultimately revolutionized that facet of the ski industry and led to his nickname, "Father of Slope Maintenance."

          Among other important positions, Steve has served as President of the National Ski Areas Association, and as one of the organizers of Colorado Ski Country USA and the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board.  He is a recipient of the RMD's Halstead Award for Outstanding Service.

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