Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

PEDER J. PYTTE, 1931 - 1999
Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1995
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A Colorado resident since 1954, Peder has contributed to the sport of skiing most of his life as a competitor (All American 1956 and 1957), coach and ski industry representative. He was one of the most outstanding skiers in a very successful history of the University of Denver Ski Team.

Peder won an incredible twenty-one tournaments in the USA and Canada before retiring in 1961. He then was invited to perform on the famous Ed Sullivan TV show.

First, as assistant to Willy Schaeffler, and later as both head ski and soccer coach he helped teach and coach University of Denver skiers to fourteen national championships, a record that remains unsurpassed.

He has promoted skiing in Colorado for thirty years. He is responsible for making Saska Sport Industries a major sponsor of the US ski team. Peder is a strong supporter of The National Ski Association, and a 1977 recipient of the Rocky Mountain Ski Association’s Citation for outstanding service to the Association and the sport of skiing.

Peder has given countless ski related speeches and lectures. He was editor of a National Ski Industry Newsletter, and authored several ski articles. He has conducted ski training camps for youngsters, as well as conducted clinics on training, health, ski techniques and attitude for adults.

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