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Ski Sport Builder

These Hall of Fame members were nominated in the Ski Sport Builder category.

A nominee must have made major contributions in areas of organization, promotion or development of the skiing and snowboarding sport in Colorado. Normally a long period of demonstration is necessary for an individual to be recognized as a ski sport builder; however, there may be isolated instances of one action that dramatically and permanently changes the entire industry for the future that would qualify.


Other Categories

Ashley, Frank Athlete, Inspirational
Axley, Hart
Balch, Robert
Barrows, Jim "Moose" Athlete, Inspirational
Beattie, Bob
Bellmar, Fred
Benedict, Fredrik "Fritz"
Berge, Trygve Athlete, Inspirational
Beverly, Robert
Bookstrom, Hans Inspirational
Bradley, Steve Athlete
Branch, Tom Inspirational
Brown, Darcy
Brown, William "Sarge"
Bulkley, Frank
Chase, Curtis Inspirational
Clark, Earl Inspirational
Clayton, Mack L., M.D. Inspirational
Coors, Adolph, III
Couch, Ed
Cranmer, George
Daly, Andy Inspirational
Dawson ,Lou
Davis, Wilfred "Slim"
Delaney, Kevin Athlete
Dercum, Edna
Dercum, Max
Dole, Charles "Minnie" Inspirational
Duke, Jr. H. Benjamin Athlete, Inspirational
Duncan, Raymond
Durrance, Dick Athlete, Inspirational
Eaton, Earl V.
Eaton, Margo
Eflin, Dick
Engel, George
Ericksen, Stein Athlete, Inspirational
Farwell, Ted Athlete
Ferguson, Ian Inspirational
Ford, Grant
Fowler, Donald Inspirational
Gillett, George
Gorsuch, Jack
Gramshammer, Pepi
Grant, Edwin "Ned"
Groswold, Gerald "Jerry"
Groswold, Thor C. Athlete, Inspirational
Groswold, Thor B.
Hauk, Paul
Hauserman, Dick
Head, Howard Inspirational
Heron, Robert
Hodges Jr., William
Horiuchi, Harold
Iselin, Fred
Jacobs, David L.
Johnson, Al
Johnstone, Robert C. Inspirational
Jones, Whipple Van Ness
Judd, William
Jump, Larry
Jump, Marnie Inspirational
Kashiwa, Hank Athlete, Inspirational
Kidder Sr., Arthur Inspirational
Lange, Robert B.
Lawrie, Donald Athlete, Inspirational
Lewis, Chuck Inspirational
Livingston, Lou
Lodders, Georgia Inspirational
Lucks, Ed
Mahoney, Bill
Marolt, Bill Athlete
Marolt, Max Athlete
Masbruch, Evelyn
Maynard, Robert
McGowan, Graeme
McLean, Barney Athlete, Inspirational
McMurtry, John Athlete, Inspirational
Merrill, Marcellus
Miller, Warren Inspirational
Mills, Enos
Nevins, Hugh Inspirational
Oden, Robert, M.D.
O'Leary, Hal Inspirational
Obermeyer, Klaus
Paepcke, Walter
Parker, Robert
Pedersen, Tage
Penney, Frank
Perry, Marjorie
Perry-Smith, Crosby Athlete
Pesman, Jerry
Peterson, Franci
Pfeiffer, Freidl
Phipps, Alan
Pytte, Peder Athlete, Inspirational
Robinson, Vernon
Rowland, Howard "Red"
Runnette, Evelyn
Ryan, Ted
Schaeffler, Willie
Schnackenberg, Rudi
Schobinger, Chuck
Shepard, Morrie
Seibert, Pete
Sharp, W. Edward
Smalley, Park Athlete
Sorensen, Harald
Spence, Gail "Spider" Athlete, Inspirational
Steadman, Richard M.D. Inspirational
Stevens, Johnnie
Stillman, Richard "Dick"
Taylor, Clif
Taylor, Ed
Temple, James
Thomas, Lowell
Tompkins, Richard K.
Wegeman, Al
White, Louise
Wiik, Sven
Williams, Elizabell "Willie"
Willoughby, Frank
Wilmot, Leon C. Inspirational
Windisch, Erich Athlete, Inspirational
Wingle, Pete


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