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Inducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame 1995
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A legendary skier, filmmaker, artist, and more recently, newspaper columnist and book author, Warren Miller has established himself as a unique American icon who is a constant source of inspiration to everyone who meets him, young and old.

Born and raised in Hollywood, California during the Depression, Warren took his early inspiration from Walt Disney, who was on eleven-year-old Warren’s newspaper route. It was Disney’s critics-be-damned attitude that at least partially inspired Miller to follow his dreams. In fact, Warren’s signature emulates that of the late Disney.

Since that fateful day in 1937 when he traded $2 and a pair of roller skates for his first set of Spalding pine skis, he has lived a life of which most of us can only dream. His adventurous spirit has led him to almost every ski mountain in the world that has a chairlift (and several accessible only by helicopter) enroute to the unparalleled success of having produced 500 movies, including a profitable, feature length film each year for the past 45 years: a reputation no Hollywood producer can match.

The hallmark of a Warren Miller movie is plenty of powder snow shots, radical skiing, and Warren’s own brand of humor mixed with his opinions of a world skiing slightly off piste. The films are typically shot in exotic mountain locations with unsurpassed cinematography.

He recently released his latest movie, 'Vertical Reality', and his second book, titled On Film, In Print. (His first book, Wine, Women, Warren, and Skis, was recently printed for the 14th time). One of his professional goals now is to become a good, commercial writer, which he is pursuing through his books and regular newspaper columns, and to record his countless numbers of stories on tape with that mellifluous voice and hilarious timing recognizable anywhere.

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